What's VC?

Venture capitalists invest in early stage start-ups with the potential to change the world.

They're the people that invest in companies like Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb, before they get big.

By investing in early-stage companies, VCs drive innovation.

If you're interested in innovation, start-ups, or emerging tech, you're in the right place. Read on!

OXVC Invites...

James Lo

Formerly at Mckinsey and SoftBank, now running his own e-learning start-up, James Lo spoke to us about his fascinating journey from consulting to VC to entrepreneurship.

Crash course

How to Interview for a VC role

OXVC hosted Toyosi Ogedengbe, a seasoned venture capitalist to find out his tips on how best to break into a career in venture capital. Toyosi is a Said Business School MBA alumni and is an advisor to Creator Fund.

OXVC talks to...

Maria Rotilu

Managing Director of the Oxford Seed Fund and MBA student, we spoke to Maria Rotilu to find out more about this VC fund right on our doorstep.

OXVC talks to...

Jessica Abele & David Rytz

Both University of Oxford DPhil candidates, they work as campus analysts for REMUS Capital, a VC firm with offices in Boston, San Francisco, and London.


Changing Face of VC

A discussion with Alexia Arts, Eric Collins and Akriti Dokania; the value of diversity in investing, structural problems in VC, solutions, and personal stories.