the mission

We're here to help both students and startups grow, with our network of startup founders, investors, and entrepreneurial Oxford students.

We provide a pathway for students to learn, upskill, and gain confidence to enter businesses from any background. By introducing students to venture capital, we show them how it is possible to pursue a business idea and access funding and support.

Ultimately, we want to make VC more diverse, open, and accessible.

the team

our team of Entrepreneurial Students at The University of Oxford

The Committee

The Committee are responsible for managing the society and putting on events.

Josie Finegold
2nd year, Theology
Marc Moesser
DPhil, Chemical Biology
VP, Secretary
Roma Rana
2nd year, History
VP, Treasurer
Rohit Bagewadi
3rd year, E&M

Student Advisory Team

We provide a peer-to-peer service to help you nurture your ideas from the very beginning to your first round of funding. We can help you find co-founders, create a viable business model, practice your pitching, and introduce you to mentors in our network. This isn't formal. We don't charge. We're here to help. Feel free to reach out for a chat.  

Startup Advisory
Niles Breuer
MSc, Sociology
Startup Advisory
Johannes Blaschke
MSc, Sociology
Startup Advisory
Andy Wolf
3rd year, Jurisprudence

Student VC Team

The student VC investment team are looking for the best early stage science and tech investment opportunities in Oxford. They identify and analyse opportunities for investment of £50-200k from the Campus Capital fund. Find out more.

Josie Pulsford
3rd year, Biological Sciences
Jessica Abele
DPhil, Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
Jack Chong
1st year, PPE
Rachel Tay
2nd year, Jurisprudence
Anna Chirniciuc
MPhil, International Relations
Diana Schwedhelm
Sasha Collington
Executive MBA
Rohan Sharma
1st year, Economics & Management

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors (College Representatives) are responsible for sharing events and promoting Oxford VC Network within their college. Being an ambassador is a great way to learn more about venture capital and strengthen your application to join The Committee or Student VC Team in the future.

our partners

find out about some of our key partners

RLC Ventures

RLC Ventures is a Venture Capital fund investing in pre-seed and seed stage companies with an emerging market footprint. Their main focus is on Fintech, AI, Proptech, Enterprise, Gaming & Social Impact. They donate a portion of their profits to charitable causes elected by the founders they work with.

Campus Capital

Campus Capital was founded with the vision of providing a credible, early stage investment source to each city region around the UK. They achieve this in part though our Student VC programme which which enables the best and brightest, PhD's, MBA's and Undergraduates at UK's leading universities to learn about equity investment and empowers them to make real early stage investment decisions.

Oxford Foundry

The Oxford Foundry is a new entrepreneurial centre for the University of Oxford. As an integral part of the University, our aim is to create a diverse, student-led community where innovation and creativity lives and breathes. We want to support all of our 23,000 students  - whether they are lawyers, medics, engineers or philosophers - in becoming more entrepreneurial people.

Panacea Innovation

Panacea's mission is to change the way the world does science for the betterment of humankind by establishing the vehicles that aim to maximize deep science translation. It is a professionally driven biotech communication and transfer platform run by post-graduate students, postdocs, and young professionals, aiming to bridge the gap between industry, academia and government.