What's VC?

Venture capitalists invest in early stage start-ups with the potential to change the world.

They're the people that invest in companies like Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb, before they get big.

By investing in early-stage companies, VCs drive innovation.

If you're interested in innovation, start-ups, or emerging tech, you're in the right place.


Are you looking for seed funding between £50-200k? Campus Capital can invest alone or as part of a larger round.

You can get in touch with the team via social media or email for a friendly chat. Or, if you're ready to pitch for investment, submit your pitch on the Campus Capital website, and the Student VC team will get in touch shortly.


This exclusive opportunity allows a select student team to be trained as VC investors by Campus Capital, and carry out real work, identifying and assessing promising science/tech startups in the Oxford ecosystem.

Applications are expected to open in Michaelmas 2020.

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The Committee: Applications open NOW until 8th February 2020. See the application details here and fill in the form here to apply. Join us to be the first to find out when they open next.

Student Ambassadors: Applications are open. Apply here. Applications are reviewed periodically.

Student VC Team: Applications are expected to open in Michaelmas 2020.

Student Advisory Team: Applications open now. See Committee Application details above. Having said this, please do get in touch directly with the team if you think you are a good fit.

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If your company or investment firm is looking to connect with the brightest Oxford students and founders, the Oxford Venture Capital Network can help. Our members represent the best minds at the intersection of tech, startups, and investment. Our members include undergraduate, masters, PhD, and MBA students from all disciplines, from Computer Science to Philosophy to Business.

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